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cIFA does it again (or rather does nothing) - GnomeKing - 4th October 2017

cIFA, protector of all that is professional, tries again to to create a closed shop for commercial executives of large companies and those objects called consultants, buoyed up by the enthusiasm of of its not-quite-chartered-yet 'trainee' members.

Sounds like a good excuse for more buns and cake - but only for a few, as only those with paid-for-time-off-work and expenses accounts get to vote ...

(not that there is likely to be any kind of plan for addressing the numerous issues - what for example is a 'non-chartered archaeologist'?)

Actual Hole-dwellers have already said things like this in reply ; " I would vote against going forward just now, until a serious and well thought out proposal was on the table to discuss."

a new 'membership' grade eh? - sounds more like this to me:

RE: cIFA does it again (or rather does nothing) - Sikelgaita - 6th October 2017

As I understand it only Chartered Archaeologists will be allowed to manage the largest projects and as most MIfA's are likely not to be considered worthy enough to become Chartered Archaeologists this will effectively put a block on the careers of many.