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Druids and Avebury Reburial
This is probably old news by now but I wondered what everyone else thought.

We got this email at Uni about the consultation between the British Druid community and EH/NT about the reburial of remains at Avebury

To quote the lecturer who sent the email "this will serve as a test case for the subsequent treatment of ALL prehistoric remains and artefacts (regardless of period) excavated in the UK"

That sounds a little bit scary to me. If they are re-buried what about the destruction to the archaeology where the are going to be re-interred - they can't be put back where they were cant they?

Avebury's a protected site isn't it? So its hard enough to dig there anyway, whithout having to go through the rigmarole everytime you want to dig the body back up to analyse it (option 2), if it's even managed to survive such drastic changes in conditions by being re-buried.

What about the need for education and research?

The Druid argument is that genetic evidence has shown they are very closely related to the remains. But when considering how old htey are, the EH/NT have shown that so is the majority of people in Western Europe. Just because we're archaeologists doesn't mean you or I aren't closely related to the remains too. (Though some would argue we're a breed apart...Tongue) to the floor :face-thinks:

"Kids, go get a proper job and don't take mine" - Derek Alexander

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Druids and Avebury Reburial - by Pippyn - 10th December 2008, 11:36 AM

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