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The School of Jack
Digging 101: [SIZE=3]A guide to being a 'site assistant' on a commercial dig
Course Introduction:[/SIZE]

It has come to my attention that sadly, many of the basic archaeological skills that us older lags were 'gifted' with by an even older generation of diggers are not being passed on to the younger generations.

So in an attempt to remedy this (and to hopefully spice up the forum) I present........

The School of Jack
[SIZE=2] The no-holds barred, tell-it-how it-is, distance-learning course of archaeological digging.
Obviously, what follows is an ego-centric (possibly megalomaniac) view of how to dig...........but that is how I (and others) were taught.

The examples that follow are not directed at any one individual, but at archetypes constructed from several real people.

Feel free to ignore, disagree with the lessons or rant at the School of Jack, but at your own peril.......experience is the universes great teacher.

Also, even The School of Jack can be wrong. Your opinions are important to The School of Jack. We value your feedback, every negative comeback will be noted and filed carefully away (in a cylindrical paper storage device) so that the lessons dictated by The School of Jack can evolve over time as the world inevitably changes.


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