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Accommodation - taxed?
Lets hope for the sake of the industry that the worst does not happen. That could be disasterous. Thanks for going to this effort.
Thanks for that... this is as delicate as i have ever been

It is the field staff I care about... the people I have talked with and stories emailed are distressing. I am not even sure how the company in question will weather this.

On the bright side it was a friemdly chat with the Inspector, and he did say he knew nothing about archaeology, though realsied that it was constantly under pressure.. and was quite willing to listen to the basics of a typical (no such thing really) field project...

I can only do what I can... and it could be said... not my job to do this... but when asked by people who are really upset.. what else can you do.

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
I really want to submit my thanks for your attention in this matter. I think all of us who are affected realise it is not your job to sort out but there really isn't a liable alternative for help. To try and sort this out individually I think would have been impossible.

Many, many thanks for your help. Hopefully we will have an outcome in our favour. I know very few archaeologists who can afford the bills we have unexpectedly received and I for one would leave the profession if we are expected to pay this. It really would be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Thanks againBig Grin
I too wish to thank David for the effort he has put into resolving this matter....but...

It does seem to me that this situation has been approaching for some time. I am personaly suprised that the tax people have picked up on the question of accomodation as I would have thought that 'subsistence' payments in archaeology are actually an easier target. Maybe that will be the next move, now that the Revenue have uncovered this can of worms.

Isn't the answer though relatively simple and obvious? Pay a reasonable wage that includes a sum, that after tax, adequately compensates archaeological staff for arranging accomodation and subsistence whilst away from home. Or don't we do the relatively simple and obvious anymore?
Or don't we do the relatively simple and obvious anymore?

How true Kevin... this is like watching a slow car crash.

I am arguing that as contracts are short term, and often you have another home/flat/rented accom the provision of accomodation is often essential to allow for work to be conducted, and with the weekend and overtime work, the accomodation must be close to the workplace.

I would add that paying people the sums that we have often discussed in the past, AND providing help in accomodation .. would be the best. Subs as far as I know are mainly taxed...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Still waiting to hear... phoned up on Friday... but bloke in Tax Office is away until Tuesday...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Have talked again to tax..... they have produced a document ... and are currently examining it... (whatever that means) They have asked that I call on Thursday afternoon... when a decision will have been made.

If you pray... now is the time! I apologise that it is taking so long... but i did not want to push them too much...

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Just for the record, I am another one of those unfortunate diggers. Although to date I have received no notification of any sort from the unit or the tax office (I haven't received the expected tax refund either though Sad). The first I heard of this issue was a text message two weeks ago from a colleague suggesting I contact the unit and ask for a P11D form, which I have done... twice so far with no result. So at the moment I am in the dark about the situation (nothing new there then.)

Tommorrow afternoon .... I am also looking at possible other action, if it all goes pear shaped...

I would need to know
a) Does anyone have a copy of the contract?
b) Is anyone in Prospect?

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
I was wondering, have the IFA offered any advice or support in this matter?

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