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Accommodation - taxed?
IFA and BAJR have been in regular contact on this.. and I am now passing everything onto them, as they are well placed to deal with a situation such as this, given the implications for the profession.

I have just finished a long conversation with the Tax Office, and I am sorry to inform people that as far as they are concerned the provision of accommodation for archaeological staff no matter for how short or long a time, and no matter if you have a permanent residence elsewhere is a taxable benefit.

This means that all staff who have been present and have been provided with accommodation as part of the work, will be liable and must pay the tax bill that is presented. I have asked for clarification on whether the tax can be spread over 12 months, as it is clear that some people do not have the funds available to pay the full amount in a single payment.

I am being provided with a letter from the Inland Revenue officer which will be sent on to the IFA as soon as it arrives, where they can then see if advice and representation can be sought to examine the case further.

I was dismayed that this was the result - as I felt that the case was strong enough to bear scrutiny based on criteria for accommodation, however, this is clearly not the case as far as they are concerned, unless it can be proved that substantially, this is a customary arrangement in archaeology.

I can only apologise for this outcome, and I personally feel distress and sadness that it has come to this. I must urge people who are affected to understand that although frustrated, there are other avenues to explore. Please do not post any details of this case online, but rather get in touch directly with me, either by email or phone. 01620 861643

I will not have the final letter until next week, as it is being posted on Friday. However I am more than willing to discuss and advise off this forum.

My apologies again

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Thanks for going to all this effort to try and sort it.
Just to clarify does this ruling also include self catered holiday cottages and/or b&bs? I'm assuming it 'only' affects units which provide subsidised/free accommodation near to their base of operations?
It seems to (and I stress seems to) affect any sort of accomodation that is provided - Any payment for accomodation (that is for permamnant work - and that can be as little as 1 week) should be a taxable benefit.

However, I am unable to provide a definitive answer... As soon as the letter arrives, I am handing it over to the IFA for them to pursue with legal and tax advisors.. to provide a definitive guide as to what is and is not a tax benefit. What seems like common sense does not seem to work in this case.

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Is it true that there exemptions within the building industry andthat if the accom goes through a building company then different ru;es apply?
It did seem that way... though I am keeping ma gob shut till a real live Tax Advisor pores over the details.... I am jsut gutted on behalf of those affe4cted right now... however, those that are should be aware we keep off public... so that what is happeing is not compromised

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
This won't just impact the archaeology industry.

I currently work in IT for a company that has locations around the UK. It's normal practice (i.e. expected) for staff based in one location to regularly spend weeks at a time in an alternative location, with accommodation paid for by the company.

My previous employer was a global organisation; business trips abroad lasting weeks or months were not unusual.

If I've understood this correctly, the implications are huge.

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
A photocopy of my P11D turned up this morning. It appears the original got lost in the post.


"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
<edited for red wine befuddlment and checking HMRC webpage>


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