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Druids and Avebury Reburial
Shame - looking at the website of the organisation our hero claims to represent, it would appear that they have had a falling out. 15 pages have been wasted trying to talk sense to a maverick one-man-band, it seems (why does that seem familiar?:face-huhSmile.

We'll never get those pixels back.


Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.
Mohandas Gandhi
Arthur Pendragon drinking warm Stella? That'll be what the local cops call Wyvern-beater, no doubt.
Woops, so COBDO is not so cohesive after all? Poor ole Oddie. He should have got the other 2 men and the dog on to debate; they might have made more sense.

It is fairly obvious that anyone who works with human bones has got to have a lot of respect for them, otherwise they would not be in the line of work (this could possibly exclude "the exhumer"). BABAO have strict guidelines which have to be adhered to. In the end, they are the remains of other people and must be treated with respect but at the same time are vital to our understanding of the human past (copyright Chris Scarre). Human remains are also important to the survival of people. The politician Sir Mark Sykes died in 1919 of Spanish Flu (N1N1) and was buried in a lead coffin. There was a big debate 3 or 4 years ago about whether to exhume his remains to conduct tests to see if the antibodies for Bird flu (H5N1) were present and thereby to create an antidote. This was in a churchyard and as such needed permission from the church. I suspect they got it. So much for christian remains always being reburied.

4 inch archaeologist's pointing troll- the next big thing for small find management

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