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Alan Vince 1952-2009
Alan Vince died on Monday after a short illness. He will be much missed by many.

Alan was a fine person and archaeologist ? he must have had one of the longest bibliographies in Archaeology. He was a leading ceramics specialist and authourity on Urban Archaeology.

His contribution to digital publication and the use of the internet is something that should be remembered as well as the fact he was the first editor of Internet Archaeology. An internet search on Alan Vince and archaeology produces 89,000 hits!.

More details about Alan, his work and his bibliography can be found on.

See also comments on Britarch

Peter Wardle
A great archaeologist and an inspiration to many. As Peter says, lots of testimonial on Britarch.

Paul Belford
Alan will be missed by a lot of people, I know that he was much admired in Lincoln (let alone everywhere else) for the Good man that he was.
No matter what the question I asked,or how busy he was-he was always willing to help.
Rest in peace Alan.

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