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Longest Watching Brief
back to the 4 months i had teach yourself Italian om mu MP3 player on repeat to keep me going, although not very health and safty

I have undertaken watching briefs on a 9km road scheme spread over a year, a 47km pipeline daily for eight months, and now for the last five years I have specialised in wb on porch extensions for little old ladies. In that time I have found thousands of things and pride myself on being able to find stuff where others would not (including modern, industrial, agricultural). I have never sat it out in the car or got a taste for crosswords or playing with a mobile phone. I keep my nose right at the edge of the bucket.

and not a single thing that I have found has made it anywhere near to the main mantle piece museum.

And it?s a bloody pointless exercise and an utter waste of any archaeologist no matter how experienced/inexperienced when all around us good archaeology deposits are being massively eroded before are eyes?.

They are a total misinterpretation of ppg16?

and don?t worry they don?t call them watching briefs anymore

I undertook a watching brief for about 5 months that included weeks spent on areas of reinstated open cast- nothing more fruitless, and quite dangerous due to hidden voids where the ground had not been properly infilled. However, some of the other mining archaeology was quite interesting (underground roadways, bell pits etc) but difficult to record in the traditional manner without risking your life.
.it's all GOOD.... whether deep strat or streile watching briefs.....and we get paid for it !!!!
paid what though?

why do you ask mrphd?
......paid peanuts of course !!!
I did one for about 8 months once - didn't find a thing.
I've done a watching brief for about 4 weeks where I was there to ensure that the new cut for a pipe was exactly over the old one. The original pipe had been put in during the 1940s and had gone straight through a villa site, which had then been partially excavated in the 1950s and then had been scheduled (my dates may be out, but it was something lke that!).

So I spent the time checking that the new cut was running exactly along the line of the old one, without going deep enought to damage the pipe that was still in the ground. (It was an iron water pipe, badly corroded, and it was impossible to put a rider pipe in due to the number of unrecorded pipes coming off it.)

Oh, and I couldn't strip the turf off an area wider than the original cut either, as I was going through a registered park and garden.

So if I had found something (whether the old pipe or archaeology), I wouldn't have done my job. What I did find and follow was the old pipe cut, don't know if that counts!
Yes it always doing this !!!
I did one today that was particularly dispiriting. Not long, just the day, but my role was to watch a pipe trench tear through a church cemetery and retrieve human remains before the public saw it. No provision for recording in any way though, and remains to be immediately reburied. [:0]

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