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work in germany
If you're looking for work, and are willing to relocate to the mainland, there are a few jobs advertised for a large scale, long-term project in Luebeck Germany.

The add is here:
but is only in German.

They're looking for a Researcher/ Project Officer with experience in medieval archaeology, urban archaeology and project direction.



and Conservators.

They're recruiting now. These are local government jobs and should therefore be fairly secure. The project is scheduled to run from October 2009 to the end of 2013 (worth relocating for?). Doesn't say anything about levels of pay, but should be on local government pay scale.

British diggers have a high reputation in Germany, especially when it comes to urban sites.

Worth a try?
Thanks for the heads-up I Love Rocks. A digger could do a lot worse than work in Lubeck - lots of interesting places* nearby to visit on days off.

The advert does not mention any pay scale which is a shame. If it will help people, I don't mind saying that as a self-employed digger (Facharbeiter)I normally pull in about E15 an hour and usually work about 40 hours Mon-Friday. Unless you have very good technical German language skills, or a really very impressive CV, forget about trying to get the same position you might have held in the UK eg if you are a Supervisor in the UK forget about demading the same position in germany until you know the ropes (a bit different to the UK).Or by all means try but don't cry when you don't get it. If you apply for the job and can drive a mini-digger/JCB, then mention it, regardless of whether you have a licence (they have a different approach to H&S over here)

*lots of good pubs and great beer. The sausages are pretty good too

Beer is your friend

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