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Not suprised if this gets filtered out...
I have only just had chance to catch up with the message board antics after a few weeks away.... Keep going it is all very interesting.

One thread that stirred me to respond was that linked with the 'shocked + dissapointed'.

I used to post regularly on the message board, before I was banned! I was given no notice, no second chance and no opening to back up what I had queried. I was not even informed that my ISP was blocked.

The post which got me banned was an Anon one questioning the employment practices with a named company, and how they had a higher level member of the IFA on their staff and ignored IFA pay guidelines. In the post I 'questioned' if this was true and asked for anybody who had more information to respond.... Diggers were being give a very raw deal!

The results were
- My ISP was blocked (another person with the same ISP was told by BAJR that BAJR 'knew' who it was and they would unlock it for them as it was not their post).
- The staff at the named company were warned about who they spoke to in the pub.
- The staff at said company were told about a malicious thread and then informed that it had been removed by the managers mate (BAJR).

I am not against BAJR, in fact I am an avid fan of the whole website. It is just worth letting people know that not all posts and information is filtered with the mesh. Posts of a far more inflammatory (and legally dubious) nature have been allowed to rest undisturbed since.

Not filtered... but I would appreciate if you could email me personally BAJR email

I have to confess that this must have been some time ago... my memory is not what it was. Please remind me - offline -

Glad you still like BAJR.. and you might be glad to know that I spend a lot of time keeping wages at rates that are IFA recommended. People who pay under the BAJR guidlines do not get to post on here - if they try... they are offered the choice of upping the pay or not advertising.

hope you email me ....

Another day another WSI?
I cant remember this happening either

Could 'Unfortunately Anon' be confusing BAJR with Britarch. I do remember some mail on Britarch along these lines.
HAve talked with Anon... turns out to be someone I know [:I]

It was a way back... before I thought what this forum was all about. (still working on it)

He did have valid points and I would ask for help

can anyone think of an AUP that regulates this forum without removing the frankness. I think it is important that BAJR is an open it lets us see what the real views are (right or wrong) and then they can be discussed.

I have admitted that I may have over-reacted with the previous thread... but hey... we all make rash decisions...:face-thinks:

Another day another WSI?
Quote:quote:Originally posted by kevin wooldridge

Could 'Unfortunately Anon' be confusing BAJR with Britarch. I do remember some mail on Britarch along these lines.

Unfortunately I have not mistaken BAJR with Britarch... It is a different website.. different aims.... different registration... different everything. If you get the text 'ISP blocked' it tends to mean that it is blocked from the site you are trying to enter.

The post was a good while back (c.early 2002) before I remember Kevin/Peter posting and before you had to register for BAJR messages (also before the keep it clean warnings). It was also up for a very short while before the thread was removed (not even edited).

Again, this is not go at BAJR... much respect and many thanks for a great site.... it is just a case of letting people know that it is not just now that editing is taking place. It has happened in the past and has happened at the request of other none BAJR people.

I have responded to the offline e-mail request.
Nothing like posting stuff at the same time!?!
...syncronisity... (??spelling??)

will give you a proper email wednesday/... might even give you a phone. [8D]


Another day another WSI?
any chance of an update on this....?
We understand each other.. it was in a time before this forum as well.

fair points.. etc nothing to worry about.

will let Anon add anything if he wants.

would also like some one to come up with a fair AUP
(Acceptable Use Policy)

or perhaps people are fairly happy with teh way things are.


Another day another WSI?

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