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muppet of the year award
1. Derek Acorah
???? Is he an archaeologist, [?]Troll?
I really hope not....very David Ike-like!
Please! Come on you lot! Troll has bug in botty over this one.Mediums/clairvoyants and the like.Have been unlucky enough to experience this geek on the telly.Worst acting I have ever seen since-well, the last Prospect conference really. I was inspired by this guys performance to leave a little challangette on his website. Take the man to an already excavated site and see what he comes up with.Strangely enough-no reply.Yet. Sorry guys-I really can`t get on with this stuff.Is this at all relevent? Well, plenty of people seem to believe in mediums etc and, shamen appear regularly in academic tomes.Lets chew this one over....anybody out there?Big Grin
but why him in particular? have recently acquired freeview and there are channels of the stuff. at least he's amusing if you don't believe a word of it. Would be very interested to see what he could come up with when he really didn't know the location. Take him to a Med cemetery or something, always evil spirits in a cemetery according to him. On that basis I should have been killed by malign entities years ago...

++ i spend my days rummaging around in dead people ++
Smile Can I nominate myself? Smile

"I See Dead People"
greetings carl. So long as you`re a medium sir!
best Derek Acorah moment seen t'other night. A pub in Derby where they had found a human skull under the cellar floor. Derek gets his mitts on it and pronounces that it was a woman killed in the 1600s. Caption flashs up on bottom of screen informing us that it has been C14 dated to the Viking Period. Much chuckling...
which is another point...why are all his spirits historical in date and from the last 500 years? Difficulty describing a Bronze Age male costume Derek ey?

++ i spend my days rummaging around in dead people ++
Thanks a lot folks. I watched this last night to see what you were going on about and wasted an hour of my life. I suppose it can join the one I spent watching Most Haunted the other day - that's rubbish too. Stick to the Forensic Detectives!
haven't seen his new one as don't have the right channel, so all my Derek Acorah experience is from Most Haunted, which I have to secretly admit to being kind of addicted to, no clue why...

++ i spend my days rummaging around in dead people ++

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