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What's going on folks?
I have to declare that I work at the same place as beer beast and was prompted by him to visit and register on this place and sign the petition for the archaeologist taken hostage in iraq, after doing that i took a good look around and was a little surprised. Have to admit beer has said a load of stuff on here that he'd never come out with at work, always thought he was a liberal democrat. As for the "poll tax riot", and the rest, well you live and learn! - not quite the image of the tight lipped stoney-faced management type that he is in the office but surely his comments here are no worse than anything else I've read written on this web site. I see, after a look at previous messages, that this site was almost sued after the comments of one of its moderators so why so heavy on beer and not the moderator or others who have written equally arsehole quality comments? I aint gonna support what beer said but if people on here are gonna slag him off then there's plenty more who deserve it just as well. By the way beer thanks for six months exile in southampton, i live in oxford you berk, can't you get the bournemouth/Southampton/Poole OA posse to do that site?
Whats with all these people starting to post trying to tell the forum how to run itself?

Morning trench_Foot

Many a fair POint... but you will see that in the main there is constructive work and positive actions taken. Beery is a fine guy, he just got a bit between his teeth and perhaps said things which he shouldn't. I for example personally do not agree with the line in the 'letter' however it is not constructive to demand that I remove it or call the Digger an SWP rag and then claim that BAJR is full of Anarchist Idiots - especially then adding that this is the view of many CBA, IFA and Britarch members. You may notice I am equally hard on those who breach any of the AUP... have a read and you will see a fair but strict policy, that ensures there is no repeat of the previous incident you talk about.

We are a community, and so have developed over time into one which is inclusive - people range from Curators to Consultants Diggers to Directors and this Forum is only a percentage of what BAJR does. Valid points are welcome, but only if put in a civil and reasoned way. The opening lines of Beers post is full of accusations and anger. That way he got people backs up straight away - and as I have said, even if people did not agree with the letter, his attack on the Digger as being an Extremist was to say the least 'Extreme' A look at the Diggers over the years where Ed2 has been involved shows no real sign of Political Extremism. The polite request to also ask why this person wrote the line in the letter was greeted with just as much anger and a refusal to do so. I have learned that even if I feel I am not to blame, it is good to work out why people write drivel/misinformation/bile (delete where applicable) about me that way I can examine my public face and see where I can improve.

That aside, thanks for this and I appreciate you coming here to say it, Beer was justified in complaining - all he had to do was complain in a way that did not cause offence.

ps. the AUP was brought in after the legal threat. (Most Companies took to looking at why they had been named and only one threatened legal action) So you should notice that posts after are tempered by the AUP.

Beery is more than welcome back - and I again hope we (and I do mean we) learn from this. Discussion is better than mud slinging in both directions.


Another day another WSI?
People - remember the AUP - thats all I am going to sayBig Grin

Another day another WSI?
Ha ha ha

The thought of Beer Beast as a Liberal Democrat made me wet myself with laughter this morning! Oh dear me. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha.

Oh dear lord, no wonder he has sent you down to the fag end of the world that is the south coast!!! I was in Southampton once for a conference, and asked at the station about train times to Birmingham and the person behind the counter said 'Birmingham? I don't know anything about trains to the north!'.
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Post-Med Potterer

Ha ha ha

The thought of Beer Beast as a Liberal Democrat made me wet myself with laughter this morning! Oh dear me. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha.

Indeed!Big Grin Mind you, I've known him so long it's hard to think of him as a tight-lipped stoney-faced management type too... Just picture him repackaging crates of finds that had been stored in a mouse-infested barn for a few years, the look of disgust on his face was priceless... Wink

You can always tell a Brummie... but you can't tell him much
yeah, flippin' middle of the road, metal detectorist antiquarians...[:0]

Right wing, metal detectorist antiquarian (retired).
There's some on here who think anyone to the left of Ghengis Kahn is a communist!!

Quote:quote:Originally posted by trench_foot

Pedant, beer beast told me about a job in hertfordshire in the early 90s which matches your description he and a man he called johnny sick note who complained constantly about wiells disease had to re-package finds in a rat-infested barn, was that the same company where he reported the site manager to the HSE for making the site crew walk 5 miles to the portaloo, he says he got sacked for that-is that right?

Sounds about right... they didn't have to work actually in the barn, all the finds were moved to my office. And at least I provided them with gloves. And did a lot of the repacking myself (I'm not completely heartless). I don't recall any actual rats, just evidence of mice, and the odd hibernating butterfly. The bit about the portaloo is true, though.

You can always tell a Brummie... but you can't tell him much
Beer Beast is one of the best field archaeologists it has ever been my previledge to work on site with. He is one of very few people who actually understands Harris rather than merely pretending to.

So he knows what he is talking about and you would do well to listen.

I doubt that in his new job he throws darts at the map to decide deployment, but that has brought an amusing picture to mind. He might have pictures of all the project officers on the wall and throw darts at those, mind!

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