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Consultants wages
If for a moment one ignores the matter of how much grease is needed to keep a greasy pole greasy....

To my mind one of the reasons that consultants get paid what consultants get paid is that when this branch of the profession began to develop beyond very small numbers in the early-mid 90's, they were not hide-bound by restrictive grading agreements or 'capped' by hierarchies of local authority post-holders. Pretty much they could pay themselves what the job could afford.

As for the rest of the profession, progress has been/is as slow as ever. Which prompts me to ask: If consultants can demonstrate that the money is out there and if the majority of the profession wants better pay and conditions, why are we still not getting it.

Haven't seen the Da Vinci Code but am beginning to suspect a conspiracy!!

Can't make the Diggers Forum conference in London next Saturday (I suspect that Prospect would be unwilling to pay my return fare from Scandinavia) but would encourage those closer to home to make it along. Maybe someone could suggest that the 'conditions' surrounding Diggers pay are freed up, as seems to have happened with consultants.

PS: The OutWage blog site has a column devoted to the wages from advertised consultancy posts over the past 15 months.

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