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Honda Archaeologists for TV ad - no jokes!
Any archaeologist who owns any of the Honda models listed below and is interested in taking part, please contact Ben Whitehouse the Campaign Researcher.
Mob: 07818420315

Channel 4 Documentaries Sponsorship Idents: Campaign overview

Honda is currently running a campaign which is all about finding and celebrating the extraordinary things our Honda owners do with their Hondas. So far Honda have made 3 mini-documentaries, which you may have seen on TV recently. View at

The previous films looked at how people used their Honda motorbikes, ATV's and Outboard Motors. With this new film we're looking for ordinary people involved in extraordinary everyday activities where their HONDA CAR is integral to what they do. Ideally the car they use is one of the following models:


The main place this film will be used is as the sponsorship idents for Channel 4 documentaries. For this we're offering a fee to the featured individual of ?1000 but more importantly perhaps, a chance to share their job or their passion with a wide audience both online and on TV.

Advertising Agency:
Wieden & Kennedy London
Producer: Michelle Brough

Contact Info:
Ben Whitehouse (Campaign Researcher)
Mob: 07818420315

Pity I have a bloody Tank! :face-approve:
Got one here, have passed it to his Mrs Big Grin
They will have to do something interesting Smile
Listens to the cricket, gazes out of the window (and occasionally grabs his binos if a bird of prey is spotted) and plans his next holiday - oh, and a bit of finds drawing occasionally Wink
Wish VW were running the same scheme my Golf is site office, welfare hut, van for tools, dog kennel......

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