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Sexual harassment
Quote:Given 'history' with BAJR, probably not, but can enquire

Smile Given this is more important than history - I am willing to let sleeping dogs have a nap. as I for one put some things to one side.

If it helps... then it helps.

( all that would be needed - as with any other such document from anyone - is the removal of company names.
Not had a chance to enquire yet
I would like to add a comment to Nell and Kiwi - you two are fantastic! You have nothing to gain personally from taking this matter further but what you are doing takes such courage. You have done more to protect the next group of female graduates/volunteers than anyone else and if other stood against this (and am guessing countless others before you) then you would not have had to go through what you did.

And although i do like the ideas of sorting out company policies it has to be more than lip service - and just having a policy would probably not have helped in this instance given the position of the perpetrator. I think we need to tackle this head on - actively go to talk to people at risk. We may not be able to easily get to all the newbies out there but maybe if uni students were targeted before they leave and if older more experienced staff members keep an eye out.

Maybe in addition to the policy stuff there could be guidelines for what to do if you think your college is at risk, how to approach the situation, what are the warning signs and what to do if you are aware (either having been told or you find out) that this is going on
Kiwi12 Wrote:Hello Unitof1. I haven't yet been to the police, mainly because at the time I was absolutely gutted that my first job in archaeology ended so badly. For the first part, I was only interested in forgetting the experience. Having had time to think over what has happened with some clarity, I am looking into speaking to a division of the police that deals with these particular issues. For me, it isn't really about what has happened to myself, but I am extremely concerned - convinced in fact, that this individuals behaviour will escalate into the realms of criminal offences. As for naming, I would absolutely love to name the company for awareness, but unfortunately, there may be repercussions for BAJR. I have spoken recently to the other woman and we have decided to inform the police, so at the very least, they have something on record. To reiterate, I am CONVINCED that this persons behaviour will escalate from being a sex pest into something far more serious.

hi I'm a first time poster on here but I am deeply concerned about this issue, not least of which because I suspect that I am an employee of this company. If this correct I was only occasionally on site but suspected this was going on, I have spoken to a contractor and several employees on site who confirmed this to me and I spoke to my line manager about it.

I would urge the poster to contact the main contractor on this job and let them know what happened. They will undoubtedly investigate and taken appropriate action. If they need the required details I can supply them confidentially (assuming this doesn't break forum rules).

I am likely to bring this issue up directly with my employer, this will likely cost me my job, but I can't work for a company that allows this kind of thing to go unpunished.
< EDITED content >
Reason: your past is my past
I have replied privately to Vigilant - and explain that this has been taken very seriously. I would not remove myself from the company for a few reasons - first that it has been taken seriously - second that they are now aware.

For my part - that rather than focus on this particular case - and I have talked at length about it. This is a sensitive issue. very sensitive. We look at our behaviours and others. Look at what is acceptable as banter and what can cross the line. THis is a call to change the culture. To make it an environment where harassment is not tolerated - and there is a means of reporting.

I commend the strength of feeling and the willingness to put their job on the line - just would feel that the worth would come in remaining
I will be leaving the company quite soon. I would have done so sooner, but the current economic climate has deterred me somewhat. I don't take offence at anyone wondering why I am working for such a firm, I find myself asking that more and more often these days.

In addition to the harassment incident, in the last year we have had...

1. The promotion of the person responsible within the company.
2. The promotion of new staff loyal to this person within the company. (I have actually effectively being demoted despite being nearly a decade longer in the job)
3. Bullying and eventual dismissal of a new, young but very promising and talented Project Supervisor (probably associated with the harassment issue).
4. Bullying of an equally talented but quite new site assistant for a honest mistake made during an excavation (the same excavation referred to above)

There is no effective procedure for dealing with these sorts of problems, nepotism and a 'with us or against us' attitude against criticisism of certain members of the firm are the prevailing issues in internal management of the company.
Appreciate that.

You may want to discuss this with me personally.

see my previous email.
The question I have to ask now is how will archaeologists applying for work with this company know what they're getting in to? I appreciate that making accusations here is inappropriate (and legally dangerous), but how else will it be possible to get the word out that you, the out-of-work digger trying desperately to get a foothold somewhere, don't want to work for these people?

Good luck finding another job, Vigillant!
Quote:I appreciate that making accusations here is inappropriate (and legally dangerous),

That is exactly it. and why it must be broadened out.

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