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subsistance payments
Gott in Himmel!

WYAS seems to be offering ?40ish a night in subs. This seems a huge departure from the norm. Good for them, I say.
Nice to see a company geting a thumbs up...

perhaps we do need a return to a form of the Fantasy League Awards..

This may be something for BAJR 2.1 (coming soon!!! - more interactive than ever)

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
are they really giving out 40ish quid in subs Mr Hosty, or is it just badly worded and the 30 quid is to cover accomodation?
I've spoken to them on the phone and they really are paying that much, the 30 is for the inconvenience of working away and the rest is for food. Which is very good considering I've just been on a job where I was told all my food was paid for, but when I got there it was less than £20 per person per week. To add insult to injury they expected you to make your own packed lunch every day to save them a couple of quid, rather than just give you the money to buy your own lunch, the site was in a shopping centre in the middle of a major city. On top of this they were getting people to take turns cooking for the whole house every night. I've never experienced anything so sad in archaeology as being taken to one side by my line manager over the price of a pasty which I'd just presented him with the receipt for.

Careful, it might be hallucinogEeEe**33nnnn..
I think you will find that payments for the inconvience of living as oppossed to expenses away from home is actually taxable income and should be part of the wages.

Yeah, I know.

Careful, it might be hallucinogEeEe**33nnnn..
I'm sorry if I misunderstand but you got all your food paid for and you're complaining?
I did work once for a company where the higher ranks got paid higher subs.

The untaxed raise in the subs was a bigger incentive than the relatively small (taxed) raise in the basic pay. Its not the only reason to go for promation, but its certainly a benefit.
VoR ... the quote was

Quote:quote:I was told all my food was paid for, but when I got there it was less than £20 per person per week

I would hardly call less than 20 quid a week per person enough for people to eat well... especially after very long days working out in the field. (or town)

And little things like making your own sandwiches, might seem like a strange thing to complain about, but again, it is just another little extra to the day...

If the deal was - All food paid for, that might swing it for a person to apply for that job over another, IF however the reality was 20 quids worth of food per person a week... then you might be a tad miffed... especially if you were also expected to make your own sandwiches, and cook once a week...

More of a misrepresentation of expectations. :face-huh:

Peter is right about the taxable element...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
If you are catering en masse, then you can cater far cheaper per head.

Also - have I moved into some parallel universe where making your own sandwiches to take to work is considered an unacceptable imposition?

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