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County council pay awards - Backpay for diggers
Many archaeologists in the employ of any commercial units tied into the county council pay scales will be pleased to hear that the final percentage rise they have been awaiting has finally been agreed and backpay from april should soon be arriving in this months pay!!!

And as a quick heads up to those who have flown the nest if you have worked at a county council or ex-county council unit/ trust at any piont between april and now you will be entitled to recieve backpay on the wages you earned during you time spent there so get pestering your old employer.

Does anyone know what the best course of action is if they dont pay up, or how thepay award system is calculated if the employee was working overtime?
Can people let everyone know...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
As am interesting new development an rao is currently refusing to give the backpay to exemployees and have gone to the ifa for guidence. They claim the ifa have stated that they do not have a policy on the issue and are not enforcin payment. Can someone frm the ifa confirm this stance and does anyone know the legal statutes for getting diggers wages back?
Any problems like these can be discussed with your local Citizens Advice Bureau. They are excellent, and impartial. Been there myself in the last couple of months to surreptitiously question the legality of the actions of my employer.
Why don't you/the person involved just contact the IFA direct and ask them rather than have third party conversations? They are perfectly happy to talk to anyone.

As with all these things, it ultimately comes down to the contract and terms of employment.

ACAS is a very good source of sensible advice, for both employer and employed, and are totally neutral
Have talked to a few people (IFA included on this) - They did advise their RAOs this would happen...

However... strictly peaking legally, there is a 3 month time limit on claiming backdated pay...(where it is the law and free to claim) after which you have to pursue through civil claims...

The interesting question is this.....

If you come to BAJR and say pay award pending on the advert.. we will pay the new rate as soon as it is sorted.... however when it comes to it... you exclude all those employed by you prior to August (apart from your permanent staff) – then basically all those folk would have been paid under the BAJR rate (I can feel the frothing already VoR) and so breached the terms and conditions of being allowed to advertise.

(admittedly in retrospect… ) I know that most people I talked to about this agreed that although it would be trouble, they would honour the pay rises with everyone – paying people what they would have got, if the pay rises had gone through….

If there are some companies who decide against this course of action.. AND on checking have used BAJR with – pay award pending or similar, thus giving the impression of a backdated payrise being give… please let me know offline…

There may be little legally I can do to help… other than the 3 month claim law… but I will help where I can.

The call of FAIRS FAIR springs to mind!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
No frothing at all and agree wholeheartedly. I think there is a moral responsibility to backdate pay if (and I stress if) it was made clear that pay award was pending and nothing was implemented in April. It is also illegal to discriminate between against staff on the same grade on permanent or short-term contracts. It is of course perfectly legal to have different terms and conditions for different staff grades within organisations.

Of course virtuous souls (such as oursleves [8D])who are not tied to Councils and don't see the point in waiting to give pay increases, independently implement pay rises for all staff from April anyway, and indeed now find themselves well ahead of the measly amount represented by the local government settlement.
I find myself having to slap myself and sit in the corner... crssssssssssssses... will try harder !

seriously though .... your attitude and that of the majority of contractors is what should be (morally) expected -

I hope the IFA will come here (I told them that a public statement would be useful) and say the same...

I find it reprehensible if a company feel it can sanve a few quid by not backdating pay to people who worked for them in the honest expectation of recieving it when the pay deal came through.... I let companies advertise on BAJR on the strict undertaking that all pay would be backdated... we shall see...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Interestingly - some companies... although they may not be back dating pay... were already paying above BAJR minima...

so much to sort out... a mess indeed that this was!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
No back pay No diggers good bye

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