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County council pay awards - Backpay for diggers
Out of interest why was archaeologists pay linked to Councils in a free market? The councils had a low opinion of diggers as mere "diggers"in the first place.But I hope low paid for archaeology will soon be all water under the bridge thanks in large part to BAJR.
A legacy of IFA that one... goes way back to when they looke for a linking... (admitting now it was perhaps not a good idea) however at the time it seemed a good idea.

I thank you for the tip'o the hat... BAJR could only have done what it did, if there was a will... it has taken 7 long years for BAJR to establish itself, provide a framework, abide by it, be open and transparent, take critisicim and at last be part of an exteral benchmarking process - which should sort it ... its funny... pay and conditions is not as bad now, and it can be seen.... where people don't grumble as much now... in fact some don't realise what BAJR did... ah well.... we all know whjat part we played Smile now onto community arch!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
I think it may be helpfull if companies are standing by thier decision to exclude ex-employees then they should be named. If they beleive thier actions to be legitiamate then there should be no problem with publicly admitting how they veiw staff.

As earlyslav says no back pay no diggers - others who are considering working for a unit would benefit from knowing how a unit treats its staff.

And on the flip side it would be helpfull if we could also find out which units are paying up - just so those who have worked for these units will know who is involved as some diggers may still be unsure which units are effected.

Units which treat the staff well and take care of employees both past and present should be identified and praised!!
I echo Trowlfodder's view of more transparency. The situation for diggers has been messy and murky for too long and the 'peace and conciliation' type process which the IFA has adopted is still too wrapped up in the old boys' and girls' network and this allows certain issues to be swept under the carpet. I.e. complaints by an individual are not investigated if the individual wants to remain anominous because of fear of being black listed. Not to mention the adhesive mud throwing from arogant companies whose reputations were built during the bad old days. Wasn't it time that digers had a right to reply on their own terms? This is where the IFA is failing.

'I wanna be a punk rocker but my mammy will ne let me'
Its was nice to recieve the backpay finally, but had to pay student loan contribution because the amount I earned for this month showed I earned xx,xxx amount a year.

May god go with you in all the dark places you must walk.
Having now discovered the full pooness of this situation which im sure a number of ex-employees have also experienced i can safely say this is a grey area of the murkiest kind.

It now seems that it not as simple as if youve worked for your money but have been underpayed from april then you get your money back now the payrise is through. Companies can refuse and you will need to fight for your cash

But take heed my diggingBretheranifyou are a union member download the following form and pass it onto your union rep (and another copy to the IFA), if your not a member pass a copy onto the IFA. Also submit a copy to the government employment tribunral overseers online who are all duty bound to contact your exemployers and investigate your claim. Mimimum effort for you maximum annoyance for the companies so hopefully many will see it is less effort to simply pay your your pennies!!

Go to

Good luck and merry christmas XXX
If its your right... its your right.

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Has anyone other than onkywot had a positive experience reguarding backpay and do they have any tips or methods which got results
Quote:quote:Originally posted by trowelfodder

Has anyone other than onkywot had a positive experience reguarding backpay and do they have any tips or methods which got results

Anyone who has worked for a council unit after April 1st 2007 but has since left will need to get in contact with the unit/payroll and make a claim for their backpay. In theory it should then be sorted although I guess there may be further issues...
Am afraid it is more complicated than that! When i made the origional post it all seemed a very black and white issue - you worked but were being underpaid so when the pay rise came through you are payed the difference between what you should have earned and what you did earn.

Unfortunately if the company refuse to pay - for example they say that you do not deserve the money because leaving the company shows disloyalty - then it is a bit of a struggle to get your money.

There is no employment law that gives a definitive answer to the legality of withholding pay and you must follow the above procedure to start the process if you exemployer is unresponsive when aproached.

And once more has anyone had any joy getting backpay or is it proving difficult for others?

This is a realy important issue so it would proove invaluable to know people experiences as what happens next april if the ifa once more allows county council payscheme units to put off awardingthe april payrise.

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