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Help save Wales oldest museum
Oldgirl - Some might say that you should be a relic at the Museum already !

Well done Trowelfodder for bringing this to the attention of us all.

I shall ask some colleagues to lobby some County Councillors who claim to be champions of history and heritage.

What is the stance of the National Museum of Wales on this matter? Does anyone know?

Cymru Am Byth!
Yeah, you're probably right there Pipeliner. Smile

I've circulated it to parents etc in the area. As my Mum pointed out, Bangor is a CITY, how can they not have a museum? Plus, the local paper hasn't really picked up on this either.
Well its easy not to have a museum, when the Big Museum and all the money and cultural activity is allegedly in South Wales. Bangor doesnt need one, everyone can go to Cardiff . Not!

Have passed commnents through a colleague to some County Councillors who are "going to look into the matter"
I've also passed it on to the person who organises our school reunions, to pass on to anyone from the area who might be interested.

Plus it's now on the IFA group on facebook, so any of you that go on that will know who I am now (apart from those of you that already do!). And yes, I'm probably too old to be on that too!
"Well its easy not to have a museum, when the Big Museum and all the money and cultural activity is allegedly in South Wales. Bangor doesnt need one, everyone can go to Cardiff". Not!

I dont really think that this last coment is fair or justified - Cardiff has nothing at all to do with the decision to close Bangor museum!

It is entirely a gwynedd county council decision and coments like this do nothing to further the debate. Cardiff museum may have to step in a take the archive if no other place can be found to hold it but that is only one of a number of options. The attitude displayed simply plays on deep seated resentments that are in this case unfounded - its a north wales decision but one that may of us (and even those of us from the South with our big museum)feel is the wrong one. Please dont just use this forum as an excuse for a dig at those who have nothing to do with the current situation!!
Trowelfodder - as I have said you have done a great job in raising the issue . Big Thanks to you.

Please note I am supporting this issue, as I care!

However, The National Museum of Wales really ought to be concerned about this. Yes it is a Gwynedd council decision, but these things are not done without consultation. They just dont decide, oh lets close the museum and save ?60k. The money in the South could assist and save Bangor Museum, come on, use your head instead of getting emotional, the paymasters for the Councils are located in Cardiff after all, and I dont mean the Museum. You should check out most government funding statistics for Wales and see where the money goes, and the majority is not spent in the North.

You are right that some of this has nothing to do with stopping the Museum from getting closed, but please get real with Local Government spending and politics.

What is GAT stance on this matter ? Do you know?

As I have said, I have lobbied County Councillors on the Bangor Museum issue and await their response.

Perhaps the Bangor Museum will get located to the Slate Mine Museum at Llanberis. which is after all funded by the National Museum. Its a thought.
Can we get this discussion back ontrack please without your conspiracy theories - it is not the appropriate place to discuss the north south divide - it is a decision at a local level. It is not as simple as the council not getting money from the south it is a question of how it is chosen to allocate the revenue the council has at its desposal.

Welsh assembly members have been contacted with information about the situation.

GAT are very much against the museum closure and on an individual level staff are doing all they can to raise awareness of the campaign.

And as for relocating to Llanberis I have no idea what will happen to the collections - I agree that is of huge importance that they stay in the local area or as near to it as possible, but the museum itself is also of huge importance so lets hope that it never comes to this.
It now appears that were the museum to close the collection is unlikely to go to Cardiff after all. It seems that the portion of the collection that was gifted/loaned by the univsity will be returned and all the material that has been individualy donated or found in subsequent excavations will be put in council storage. So god knows what that will mean for the artefacts!!!

Does anyone know whether at a later date they could be sold on by the council or whether they have a duty of permanent care and what standards would they have to adhere to? Any curators out there?

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