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Bangor Museum
This is a big thanks to all those of you who signed the save Bangor museum petition and helped publise the plee. Although not a definate save there is at the moment a stay of execution.

IT is agreed to keep the museum open for another year and review the situation, and a few mp and ams are pledging support so fingers crossed and a bit grin for a small battle won.

Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to sign up xxxxxx:face-stir::face-stir:
I do know that many metal detecorists signed that petition as I placed in on a lot of the fora.
Don't let the enthusiasm disappear.. cause sometimes this is what people hope for when they have a "stay".
Please let me know when there is need for more action and I will spread the word.

Website for responsible Metal Detecting
Recording Our Heritage For Future Generations.

And a big thank ou to you too - and would you mind posting the developments on the detectoring site and let them know their help was greatly appreciated and how the situation is progressing?
Will do...

Website for responsible Metal Detecting
Recording Our Heritage For Future Generations.

Cheers for bringing it up in the 1st place. Good to hear there's a stay, I'll make sure I visit next time I'm up!

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