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Self employed site assistants?
Damn straight ...


remember -

Quote:quote:Being effectively forced to be self employed is a completely different matter though.

Even if somebody says you are self employed... you are not.. unless you truely are. Therefore... you have all the legal rights, holidays, etc IF anyone would care to share... I will contact the company and advise them on the issue, as they may be unaware of the implications.

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
I have to say that the units I've known who continue this trend tend to be either linked to universities or are of the one-man-band type.
Self-employment certainly has its benefits. HMRC estimates that one in five of the UK workforce is on the wrong tax code. The amount of tax paid from self-employment is usually less (like for like) than PAYE, depending on how clever you (or your accountant) are. 6 years' worth of receipts takes up a lot of loft space though!
Hardly likely to be able to employ an accountant on ?60 quid an hour!

Actually, probably unlikely to be able to buy any food, never mind pay the rent/mortgage, at the end of the week.

Happiness depends on ourselves.
Sorry, maybe at ?60 an hour you could afford an accountant, if not a yacht in the med.

Obviously meant a day.

Happiness depends on ourselves.
If the accountant charges you a grand but saves you 2 in terms of tax, it doesn't matter whether you're earning 60 quid per day or per hour. It just seems less affordable if you're on a 60 quid daily rate.

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